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Dear Alik:
Since you do not know English to read this you need a dictionary and
an English grammar.

Aren't you tired of writing day after day your stupid stories.
Your stories annoy everyone, Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, - check
your frigging ratings, you, idiot.
I, as a rest of readers, do not read your inane stories, but simply
grade them "-2".

Instead of writing try to find any work you may qualify for, say, as
a public toilets cleaner, and earn some money for a change.
Have you ever done any honest work in the U.S. at all?
I bet, you, leach, collect hand-outs from the American government and
newer worked here.

We, American taxpayers, are sick and tired of supporting parasites as

To all "ANEKDOT.RU" readers:
I am mad as hell and can not take it anymore!
Let's start petition to stop this site from printing Alik's insane
writings - stories, anekdots, etc.

To Dima.
Dear Sir:
I read this site for the last four-five years.
I think nothing portraits the life as your contributors' stories.
I respect and appreciate your policy to print whatever junk your
authors send to your site.
But Alik is something special and he deserves to be silenced!
Please, make an exception to your site policy and stop publishing all
Alik's works. It should make us feel better about humankind!
Thank you very much.

Annoyed San Franciscan.
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